My default breakfast food is cold cereal.  This morning I poured the last of our milk into a cup for Asher after his breakfast.  So, what shall I eat for breakfast now?  Peanut butter toast?  No, I’ll probably have a sandwich for lunch.  That would feel redundant.  Cereal is obviously out…

We’re moving to China.  It seems like the students we’ve hosted like Ramen noodles for breakfast.  I decided to have a “Chinese” breakfast.  I haven’t made them in a while.  I’m out of the habit so I used a fork to stir as I prepared them instead of chop sticks.  When it came time to eat them though, a fork just didn’t feel right.  I decided it was worth washing them and got out our best dark wood chop sticks.

It was a good breakfast.  It’s nice to have something warm in the morning.  It’s nice to not feel the harshness of metal in your mouth.  Also, it looked beautiful.

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