One nice thing about living with our new  house mates is the fact that the school bus will pick up our kids for school.  However, at least 2 days a week, Ami volunteers at the school.  So on those days we drive.  There is a certain metropolitan beauty to our new drive.  Take a look!

A big thingy sticking out of the river.  Pretty sunlight though.

A bridge.

Same bridge from the inside.  Don’t take pictures and drive…

Look it up on your GPS!

Right across the street.  Very industrial, still rather charming.

Just a tree.  Again, nice lighting.

Another tree.

This is a target for arrow shooting practice casting it’s ominous shadow.  There’s probably a better word for it.

That’s all for now.  There are some nice views of Minneapolis’ skyline.  I’m hoping for a nice clear winter day before we move on so I can get some shots to share.

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