Catch Up

It’s been far too long since our last post for the tension to remain. However, I still thought I owed it to you to let you know we made it out to Colorado just fine. The luggage all fit and the people too.

Updates In Bullet Form…

-We had a few days to relax in Colorado
-Part of relaxing was cataloging and weighing everything we packed in our luggage for going to China.
-We need to do this yet for the stuff we are still carrying with us.
-Our time at language acquisition training was very encouraging.
-We had some time to enjoy Colorado while we were there.
-Colorado is a very beautiful place.
-We hope to put up some pictures of our recreation day there. We hope it will be soon.
-We drove to Chicago for a couple of days to be with Dan’s family for Thanksgiving.
-We leave tomorrow for a day with our good friends Hao & Ming.
-After that we will go back out to Colorado for training on how to do well in another culture.

Thanks for listening!

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