Travel Log Part 1

Ami did such a nice job typing out our first few days in China that I thought I’d put it up on here.   This will take a few posts so let’s get started!  Here goes…


The kids carried what they could and no one had any issues with all our carry-ons so that was very nice. Dan and Nate spent about an hour getting all of our checked bags logged in with the ladies’ printer not working, etc. The price they had quoted us on the phone for extra bags was lower than what they charged us at the airport, but they didn’t ask Dan to take out the extra pound or two on a couple bags AND they didn’t charge the overweight fee on one or two so it ended up costing less than we had prepared for–always cool. Wendi and Ami just hung out at this awesome space for kids to run around at the Vancouver airport and drank Starbucks. 🙂 It was really nice having Nate & Wendi there to see us off.

More to come about the flight over!

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