Travel Log Part 2

By the second flight Dan was grateful for the roll-away carry-ons we’d bought because he could roll ALL FOUR while still carrying a backpack, his satchel with all our passports and boarding passes in it, and holding on to Asher. Ami carried a couple backpacks, the mandolin and some coats while ushering the girls along to catch the next flight.

Sleeping children have a hard time walking through airports! šŸ™‚

Ami got to take Harmony into the airport bathroom for her first experience at a Squatty Potty. Fun Fun. Luckily they also had a chair user’s stall with a western style toilet, Whew! šŸ™‚ The airline food was generally great. Dan looked back at me at one point and said the wheat thins I had bought for the trip sounded really good at the moment šŸ˜‰ but the kids all found something they liked from what was served.

Chinese airline food!

The kids slept a good bit. They played on the ipad. They drew pictures. I’ll include one Asher drew. Harmony LOVES flying and really had a great time. Ahava and Asher individually mentioned to me their different feelings about moving to China. Being scared, nervous, etc.

What's on Ahser's mind?

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