Travel Log Part 4

After eating bread & peanut butter and yogurt our friend had bought and had here ready for us this morning, we called our friends with the phone they had left us the night before and told them we were up and were ready for them to come help us again! 🙂 While we waited for them we got bundled up and went out for a walk. We walked down to a main street where we turned right. After walking for a while saw a store we thought sold fireworks–how cool so we entered through the heavy curtains they had hanging at the door to keep the cold out and walked in to a VERY LARGE, crowded and very LOUD mall type shopping experience. Except the stores weren’t little fronts off the hall, they were just all connected together with doorways in between.

Heavy curtains over the doorway to keep out the cold air.

Before we had gotten there Asher had asked if we could buy some mouth/nose covering things that almost all the women and children here were wearing. It just so happened while wandering through the store we found a rack with a whole bunch of them! The kids each picked one out and Asher’s ended up being too big, but the girls have worn theirs pretty much non-stop whenever we are outside–which is a lot with walking to everywhere we went!

New masks for the girls

On the first day we went to the big mall place, a small market where we bought apples and some small oranges, a supermarket type place where we bought yogurt for tomorrow’s breakfast–inside the supermarket within 20 square feet there were three ladies all talking loudly into microphones to the public, I’m guessing, they were advertising their particular frozen section or food.  We did get everyone (except for Dan) a pair of Chinese slippers.  We don’t want to stick out like sore thumbs!


New slippers for everyone (except Dan-his feet are too BIG!)

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