Travel Log Part 5

We don’t remember the order of everything but we went out a few more times our first day and Dan got sim cards for our phones.  But, oh you have to go to this one particular shop in one area of town to get the sim cards literally cut to fit into the phones.  Also Dan went to the bank and got cash–after they told him to wait for a long time they finally said they couldn’t exchange his money and he would have to go to another bank.  He got it done eventually.  🙂  Our one friend was helping him this whole time and his wife was hanging out here at the apartment with Ami and the kids or else walking us to the various markets to find fruits and yogurt, etc.  She  showed Ami where to buy noodles–you only buy what you want for the day as they are best fresh.  She also explained how to look for safe chicken to buy.  They helped us find a restaurant for dinner that ended up being a seafood restaurant and rather expensive, but we had already opened the dishes that they had wrapped in plastic wrap at each place and we had all sat down at their biggest table.  We didn’t want to embarrass the restaurant.  So we went ahead and found some things to order and all the kids found stuff they liked.  Pretty cool.

Asher fell asleep at the dinner table. Seriously.

Pretty good for our first day here.

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