Travel Log Part 6

Today was a bit simpler than yesterday. Our main event of the day was Dan getting a taxi and going to the airport to pick up our luggage they found!

The kids and Ami stayed at the apartment. Ami hasen’t been feeling well so it was nice to rest on the couch while the kids played. Dan found Ahava’s dolls last night so the girls (and Asher for awhile) played and played dolls in their room. Asher sat by Ami for quite awhile after that and played on the iPad. We skyped with Grandma & Grandpa Morse. The kids loved that. When Dan got home and had told us about his adventure to the airport, we then went out about 11am. We walked around for awhile looking for a place to get our pictures taken and printed in small rectangles so we could take them to the multiple places we have to go to for health checks and registration, etc. Finally found that place. The while time the kids are loving walking around and Asher jumps from one cement post to another as we are walking. We have told the kids we want them to stay very close to us for a few weeks or months until we figure out safety here in China. It is the biggest stretch for Asher as he has always loved running ahead and exploring on the side as we walk. He has learned quickly, though, as an example: we were walking through an area that had some cars parked and we stepped close to the rear end of a car and Asher involuntarily jumped as he thought the car was that close to us. So that’s encouraging on only his second day here. We went back to the market and bought Asher another face mask, but it doesn’t work so well with his glasses as it fogs up when he breathes. We went to eat lunch at a shop where they only sell dumplings. Super good! The kids ALL loved them. We ate two plates of 30. So between the five of us we had 60 dumplings! πŸ™‚ Even Harmony ate her share at about 7 I think she said. The kids want to go there for lunch everyday now πŸ™‚ We came home and not sure what we did, I think rested a little and the kids watched part of a Chinese Disney Peter Pan show we found here at the apartment. Then we went out about 5pm to find a taxi to go to our friends’ apartment for dinner. She made lots of delicious food for us. The younger two kids have both had their “meltdowns” about 4pm or so in the afternoon and Harmony’s lasted pretty much until bedtime that day, but overall they all three had a fantastic day. Ahava played Jenga with us and our friends that night. She was bouncing up and down she had so much fun. We rode a taxi home (after Asher fell asleep at dinner). All three kids fell asleep in the taxi on the way home. It was about a 20-30 min ride depending on traffic and icey roads. The kids woke up when Ami pushed them out of the taxi πŸ™‚ and Ahava skipped all the way to our apartment πŸ™‚ The other two had to be helped along. They all slept well. I think Harmony said she woke up a couple times but they all slept until after 6 the next morning. Two of them until after 7! Whew. Ami, of course, has had no trouble sleeping whatsoever. πŸ™‚ She was dealing with sinus infection that wiped her out. She could sleep whenever. Not that we would recommend the sinus headaches, but it seems a good way to change time zones.

Clearing snow at the entrance to the airport.

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