Travel Log Part 7


Well, this morning we embarrassed the lady who takes blood at the hospital and had ekg’s with a crazy machine and found that Dan max-ed out the height measuring stick they have at the hospital. 🙂 Thanks to Ahava’s passing out when getting her blood drawn Harmony didn’t have to have hers done and both girls didn’t have to have chest xrays. Asher lucked out being 5. He already doesn’t want to grow up though so I’m not sure it’s a good thing! 🙂 We had to have our health checked so that when we register here we can get our Resident Permits. That process seems to be complicated and not quite clear to us so we are still working on that.

Internet is in and out, but today we also were able to skype with Morse Grandparents and Wendi & Nate. Dan got email coming to our phones. We have tried emailing people back, not sure if it is working though.

We ate lunch at the same dumpling restaurant again.  This time, there was a young couple eating there too.  They wanted to get pictures with the girls holding their baby.  Harmony & Ahava could not have been happier.  We took pictures too!

Three cute kiddos!

We went to the market to get food to have over the weekend when it’s Chinese New Year. Many stores will probably be closed.

Chinese New Year decorations are out in full force!

Later in the afternoon Dan went back to the hospital to get our results from the health checks.  The bus was pretty full on the way back to our temporary apartment.

People are out in full force too!

Tomorrow morning we will go look at an apartment for rent.

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