And The Chairs…

One of the challenges of living in a country where you can’t speak the language and you don’t know how to do things is getting affordable furniture.  We have our temporary dining room table.  All we need now are some chairs…

We had seen some chairs at the used furniture market on the other side of town.  Dan hopped in a taxi and headed over there.  After stopping at a couple of different stalls he found one with a good starting price and went to work negotiating.  That’s how it’s done here.  They agreed on the price and Dan handed over the cash and carried all six chairs out of the market.  Just outside he was greeted by a number of drivers offering to drive him home.

Pulling up across the street from our apartment complex.

He had never ridden in one of these three wheel motorcycles, the price was right, and the weather was perfect!  Here’s some pictures of his ride home!

Dan's view for the ride back to our apartment.

Paying the driver.

Everyone helped carry the chairs in!

Now we have a "dining room table" with chairs.

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