Rainy Season

The distant flashes in the sky didn’t really register for the first few minutes. As they got closer though, we started to be able to hear the thunder. The realization came simultaneously to both of us. We looked at eachother and made a move for the window in our living room. We threw it open then stood and enjoyed the sights and sounds of a good old fashioned thunderstorm.


This caught us off guard a bit. We didn’t know to expect thunderstorms here. I’m not sure if there’s any place on earth that doesn’t have occasional thunderstorms, but still, it was a surprise. However, it was a welcome surprise.


I’ve always heard about places that have a “rainy season”. My understanding was that Xining has four seasons, so I thought we wouldn’t have a rainy season here. I’m not sure that we will have a true rainy season in this part of the country, but it sure looks like the beginning of one.


Eighteen hours later and it’s still raining!



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