It’s The People

We sat on the couch in our living room. Ahava’s head drifted slowly to Mom’s lap. These words rolled out, “I never want it to end.” Then the tears slowly started to roll.

The Sundsted Clan (this is how we lovingly refer to Ami’s parents, their children, the spouses of their children and the children of their children) had gathered to celebrate the first birthday of the newest addition to the “Clan”, Ami’s younger sister and her husband’s son.

With the whole clan together in Colorado (except us, of course), we all decided to gather for a few minutes on Skype. When we hung up, Ahava said “I never want it to end!”

For all the struggles of living overseas, minor inconveniences, not knowing the language, and not having access to the food you grew up with, there is one thing that continually rises up as the hardest part of being here. It is people. No, it’s the lack of people. Perhaps I should rather say the physical distance of those you are closest to that most makes it hard to live in a distant country.

Sometimes it’s family, sometimes friends, but the number one thing on our hearts during those times that we find ourselves feeling down is people.

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