It’s Like A Road Trip!

As we went from the stairwell to the courtyard of our apartment complex, the cool damp air hit us. It felt good. Asher looked up at me and said “This is like a road trip. It’s the same temperature like sometimes when we go to the bathroom.”

We miss road tripping. I love the feeling of getting in the car in the morning knowing that when you get out of the car for the last time in the evening, you will be in a whole new place. Likely you will have seen something beautiful along the way, a huge purple and red sunset, a flock of cranes migrating through Nebraska, three children strapped down and still being sweet to each other for hours on end. We miss road tripping.

Xining is not lacking in urban beauty. But we remember the hours of unbroken grass and fields with fondness.

We think there might be an equivalent here in China though. What is it? The rails. Trains can take you many places here. There are also long distance busses. We haven’t had a chance yet to experience China in this way though. We’ve only been around the city. We are hoping to take a trip or two out to some smaller towns in our province before the summer is over.

We want to make memories here. In the meantime, though, it’s fun that Asher has memories of road trips back in the States.

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