Tongue Twisters

Tongue twisters are a fun part of every language. At least they are a fun part of English and Chinese. 🙂

Here is a basic tongue twister in Chinese:
四是四,十是十, 十四是十四, 四十是四十,四十四是四十四

(Translation: Four is four. Ten is ten. Forty is forty. Forty-four is forty-four.)

The words for “ten” and “is” are the same syllable with a different tone. The word for “four” has the same tone as the word for “is”, and the pronunciation is similar. So this is a long string of 3 very similar syllables.

There are plenty of tongue twisters in English too (Peter Piper picked a patch of pickled peppers…, etc).

I think my favorite english tongue twister though, is one we made up the other day. This is also a glimpse of the way the sick brains in our family work. It was at the bus stop, Ami and I drilled Ahava & Harmony on their current spelling words (including write, right, and wrong, among others). This is the tongue twister we came up with:

Don’t write wrong wrong.
Write wrong right!
Don’t write wrong wrong.
Write right wrong!
Don’t write right wrong.
Write right right!

You could also add “Don’t write right wrong, write wrong wrong.” But that would take away from the brevity and the quick pace of the tongue twister. Not to mention that would just be wrong! Right?

I always try to add a picture (relevant or not) to help you get a feel for our city. This is a picture of a sweet Beamer parked outside our friends’ apartment building.

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