Summer Traveling

I’ve written before about how we miss road trips. We felt that the best way to scratch that itch, is to use the rails and the buses to begin getting to know our province outside of our city, Xining.

We knew we wanted to travel some this summer. We didn’t know where we should go. We didn’t know how to get there. We didn’t know what it would be like when we got there. We only knew we wanted to see some of our province this summer.

We asked our Chinese teacher. We asked our administrator at the University. We asked other foreigners living in Xining. We looked on Bing and Google. No clear answer was emerging. We decided to try and do something fairly close. and settled on Kanbula National Forest.

We had one answer; we knew where we wanted to go. The questions of how to get there, and what it would be like there, still were foggy.

We managed to find out that at one point, there had been a bus that went to Kanbula. The kiddos have wanted to ride a “long distance” bus almost since the day we arrived in Xining. So we would try that route.

Of course before you can go, you need tickets. We were able to find out where to try to buy tickets. It was the bus station. 🙂 Ami and I went and found it crowded with long lines of jostling people trying to buy tickets to a hundred different places. We didn’t see Kanbula on the chart on the wall, but we still hoped to be able to buy a ticket there.

We finally got to the glass protected counter and yelled into the microphone “Kanbula!” “How many people?” Came the reply. It turned out that the kids were half price, so the total for all five of us to go the 3 hours to Kanbula was a whopping $12.80. Sounds like a bargain. We’ll take them!

One of our tickets from Xining to Kanbula

More on our trip to Kanbula to come…

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