Kanbula Part 2

Once we got on the bus, we had a major stress factor out of the way. Now we had a couple of hours to relax and enjoy the scenery. We went through several towns on the way to the town of Kanbula, which was right outside Kanbula National Geopark.

One of the towns we drove through on the way to Kanbula

Upon arriving in Kanbula, we would need to find a late lunch, a place to sleep for the night, dinner, and a driver to take us in to the park the next morning. Once we accomplished these things, we could let our guard down and relax for the evening.

First on the to do list was to get some lunch. Because we left our house at 10:15 and didn’t pull up to the town of Kanbula until close to 3:00 pm we were quite hungry. Fortunately there was a good sized restaurant right in town.

The inside of the restaurant where we had our first meal in Kanbula

Harmony is convincing herself that she will like today’s meal!

Next on the agenda was to find a place to lay our heads for the night. When we got off the bus there were several drivers handing out their business cards.

Talking with a driver about the possibility of going into the park tomorrow

After collecting a card or two we walked away from the bus stop.

I was having such a hard time understanding the driver’s accent that he eventually got out of the van to talk to me!

Almost right away, a nice woman asked us where we were from and where we were staying in town. When we told her we didn’t have a place yet, she brought us to a guy who would let us stay at his house. It was a good price, but honestly we were a little concerned staying at a total stranger’s house, so again we took his card and went on our way. We figured if we couldn’t find a hotel we could always come back to this guy.

So we went off in search of a hotel. We were excited at this point because we had already had a victory.

The main strip in the town of Kanbula

We made it to the town of Kanbula!

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