Kanbula Part 3

Well we made it to Kanbula! Lunch was in our bellies and the next thing we had to do was find a place to sleep for the next two nights. We turned off the main street down the only real side street in Kanbula. It was a dead end though. It only had a bank, a post office, and what appeared to be the primary source of jobs here, a hydro-electric plant.

We made our way back to the main street. Noting any restaurants we saw as we walked, we found the word for hotel on the app that we’ve talked about before. This way we could ask people where to find one. The first guy we asked was a nice looking older gentleman. He pointed to the building next door. Sure enough, we were almost to a hotel!

We walked in, negotiated a price and asked to see the room. We were surprised at how clean and nice the room looked. We negotiated to have a driver take us into the park in the morning and decided to make this our temporary home.

China is so full of variety that I’m often still caught off guard. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. Facing North in the hallway, you look down the steps.

Looking down from the third floor of our hotel

Facing South you see these country type houses. What a stark contrast you can see with a turn of 180 degrees!

The “countryside” houses behind our hotel

With all of our to do’s checked off, we could really relax. So we put the olympics on the TV in our room and watched for a few minutes before we went to have dinner.

To be continued…

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