Kanbula Part 4

After watching the olympics on TV in our room for a few minutes, we left our room to try and get some dinner. As we talked we decided that since this was a fun language adventure, we should have some good food. I think our favorite Chinese dish (like many westerners) is sweet and sour chicken (or pork). So we asked the hotel owners where we could get some. They said a restaurant on this side of the street would have it.

Sweet & Sour Chicken

It’s great to visit a small town. Everything is either up the street or down the street on this side or the other side! It’s a good place for our level of Chinese.

We found the restaurant and ordered our sweet and sour chicken as well os some fried potatoes that we love and of course, rice.

Our Spread

Unfortunately, neither one was very good, at least not to our western palates. We ate enough to be satisfied, paid and went back to our nice little hotel room.

It was not the best meal we’ve had here, but it filled our tummies and was a step toward learning a good lesson: Stick with the basics.

Our Kiddos

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