Kanbula Part 6

While in the van on our way to the park, the driver was driving so fast that this thought actually ran through my mind: “Is he kidnapping us?”

Riding in the van.

He wasn’t.

There were two unfortunate things about this day. One was the weather. It was overcast with very thick, very low clouds. The clouds were so thick and so low that we often couldn’t see across the valley that we were driving through. We certainly couldn’t see across the reservoir in the park. Here are some photos to help you get a feel for what we saw.

Hazy day.


Beautiful, but hazy.

The second unfortunate thing was that Ahava seemed to be coming down with some kind of bug. She was obviously excited to be going into the park, but she had a flatness about her that is unusual. Between her feeling ill and the lightning fast driving through the curvy mountain roads, not to mention her sensitivity to becoming car sick, she started to feel really bad. In a different sense, I felt bad. I felt that I should have thought of her tendency to become car sick and had her sit in the front seat next to the driver from the beginning. We did end up moving her to the front seat, but not before she had vomited a couple of times. If you have experienced car sickness before, you know that it is much better to avoid getting sick in the first place because once you start to feel car sick it is almost impossible to recover without sitting or laying still. So Ahava had to take it pretty easy at stops where we could get out and walk around.

Sick but smiley Ahava

In spite of these two factors, we still managed to have a good time and to get some decent pictures, even if they’re not stunning.

Climbing 1,491 steps.

We expect to be going back before long! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these few pictures.

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