Chinese-American Cuisine

I think nearly every culture on earth has a pancake-like food. Our family enjoys eating pancakes. We can get decent maple syrup at the import store down the block from our place.

The inside of the import store down the block. I’m not sure, but I don’t think the motorcycle is for sale.

All the other ingredients are very affordable. Pancakes are not hard to make and take almost no planning. All in all, they are a good meal choice for our family.

We eat them with syrup and/or yogurt on them. It’s a pretty traditional American way to eat them.

The other night Harmony put a local twist on this classic American cuisine. She did have syrup, but she added 辣条(latiao) as well. Latiao is similar to tiny french fries with our local spice, 辣椒(lajiao) or as its known here in Qinghai 辣子(lazi).

Here’s a snapshot of Harmony with her mingling of Eastern and Western fare.

The next one had syrup, 辣条(latiao), and yogurt sprinkled over them!

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