The Eyes Have It

During the winter break, the school asks all parents to have their kids' eyes checked. We know that Asher has vision issues and we are working with doctors on that. But when we went, they said that Ahava also had some eye issues. They said that she could either get glasses or do some kind of eye therapy. This would involve bringing her to the vision shop every day for half an hour over the next month. Of course, it takes at least half an hour to get there, and then we need to come back home. So we were looking at one and a half to two hours every day for the next month and about $500 US. Not only that, Ahava said that she has no problem seeing the board in class, or seeing anything else.

We decided to get a second opinion. Here's a picture of a part of the examination during that trip.

I'm sure we have them, but I've never seen a machine like this one in the US.

This second examination cost about three and a half US dollars. They said her eyes were perfect. She didn't need glasses or any kind of therapy. She sees slightly better than 20/20. We are happy!


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