Half Yamaha, half Kawasaki?

Half Yamaha, half Kawasaki?

Shortly before I got my license, we were toying with the idea of getting a motorcycle to make it more convenient to get around town. We knew there were a lot of options out there including three wheel motorcycles with a bed in back. Not a sleeping bed, but a bed like in the back of a pick up truck. The sweet Yamasaki in the picture at the top of this page is one of those kind, we thought if we had one of these, we’d be able to go across town in it on those occasions when we wanted to do that. It’s about a 90 minute bus ride otherwise.

Needless to say, when I got my license, I was disappointed when I found out that the driver’s license I had was only good for cars, not for motorcycles. That’s when we decided to get bikes.

It still saddens me when I see people doing cool things on motorcycles, like riding all three family members together, or carrying a few dozen pounds of meat. Check out the picture of the meat delivery guy below.

I wonder how many pounds of meat he has on there?

I wonder how many pounds of meat he has on there? I’m guessing over 100.


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