Going on a roadtrip has been one of my favorite activities at least since early adulthood. I love the idea of getting into the car early in the morning knowing that when I get out of the car this evening, I will be in a totally different place. Different weather, different scenery, different stores… everything will be different. Not only that, but I’ve got a good chance of seeing something beautiful on the way.

With our current life, roadtripping looks a little different than it used to. For one thing, I don’t have to drive. Another difference is that the “road” we are traveling on is made of metal. “Railtrip” might be a better term!

The photo above shows the middle sleeper of the fifteenth row in the seventh car on train K1060 from Xining to Chengdu and it’s occupant, Asher. Asher said that the first thing he was looking forward to about our trip to Chengdu was reuniting with his Finnish friend, Benjamin, and the second was being on the train for 26 hours.

While we may see eye to eye on his first point, we definitely have a difference of opinion on the second point. Look below and see if you can identify my second biggest source of excitement about our current “Railtrip” (You may need to expand the picture.)!


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