Beanie Bread

Any guesses as to what's going on here?

Any guesses as to what’s going on here?

When the kids are in school, Ami and I make their sandwiches for them so we can have just a bit more time with them during the day. Yesterday when I was making the peanut butter side of a few sandwiches (Ami makes the jelly side. 🙂 ) I found a bean in the slice of bread I was using. As we got deeper into the loaf, we started finding more and more! I don’t remember seeing any printing on the outside of the package to indicate that there were dozens of sweet little beans mixed into the loaf. Maybe it was on the sign at the store… I’m not sure because Ami bought the bread. Anyway, take a look!

Beanie Bread!

Beanie Bread!

After living here for two years, it’s fun to be surprised still!

By the way, our kiddos didn’t like the beans so we plucked out as many as we could. That’s whats on our table in the first picture.

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