The Amazing Broom


I remember having conversations with our Chinese friends in the States about kitchen gadgets. In the US, we have a gadget for every possible task in the kitchen. They thought this was hilarious. I still remember Hao saying “We have a knife and chopsticks. That's all.” The knife he's referring to is a large knife with a square blade. Americans would probably call it a cleaver.

Anyway, all this to say that in Chinese culture, they are very adept at using one good tool to do many various tasks. The super-broom in the picture above is a good example. I've rarely seen men use one, but I've seen ladies use them to sweep up dirt, “rake” leaves, “shovel” snow, “rake” grass cuttings, sweep water off the street. I've even seen ladies use them to knock leaves out of trees in the fall! Super… Broom… indeed!

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