Ever since we moved into our new apartment last December, we've had problems with the electricity in the kitchen. You see, the way the electricity is designed, the following items share one circuit:

-Small Water Heater (For the kitchen and bathroom sinks)
-Exhaust Fan Hood
-Cabinet Lights
-A Set Of Speakers (For tunes while we cook. Actually, more often used for listening to our Chinese texts… But one day for tunes!)

We threw the circuit breaker constantly when we first moved in. We gradually began to develop a feel for what appliances we could run at the same time. We could wash clothes while we used the stove, but not while we used the oven. We couldn't dry clothes while we used the stove though. If we just used one one burner on the stove, we could use the oven at the same time. And sometimes the refrigerator would turn on just as a burner was starting to heat back up and that would blow the circuit.


Anyway, a couple weeks ago, the breaker wouldn't flip back to the on position. That's when we got the fine gentlemen in the picture above to come replace the breaker with a bigger one. Now we can cook and bake food, wash clothes and keep things cool all at the same time!

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