The Hunt

Last week I wrote about the New Year's Day bike race we went to watch. What I didn't mention was that one of our new friends lost his glove. I had a pair of thinner gloves, like what he lost, and a pair of fat mittens. Because it was dark and cold when we headed home, I planned to wear the mittens. So I loaned him the right glove from my pair so he wouldn't have to ride home with one frozen hand.


Yesterday, we met so he could return the glove. It was hard to track each other down, but I discovered how Deaf people here find each other. It's actually pretty brilliant. None of this “I'm at the northwest corner of 54 West Street and Sea-Lake Street”. Just a simple picture. We sent several pictures back and forth before we found each other, but we did finally track each other down. It must be hard dealing with stupid, hearing foreigners. šŸ™‚