“Are you guys ok? Did you feel the earthquake last night?” Our friend and teacher had called to check on us the day after the earthquake last week. Many people in Xining said that they felt it. Whether it’s because we live in a large, substantial building, or because we were extremely tired, I don’t know; but we didn’t feel a thing.

I have this great little app I use called Sleep Cycle. It tracks your sounds throughout the night and attempts to wake you at the ideal point in your sleep cycle. This isn’t nearly as creepy as the app I tried that actually recorded sounds throughout the night (It turns out either Ami or I snore! I blame her. ;). Here’s a graph from the night of the quake.


Look at the time of the earthquake, around 1:13 am. Some jags in the graph, but they fall right in the middle of our longest stretch of sound sleep. It’s no wonder we didn’t wake up.